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With Bet Angel, you have the option to choose how you want to offset your bets, this can be done the traditional way by selecting a number of ticks or by using a percentage which can sometimes be more useful when deploying certain strategy’s.

One such strategy is the popular in-running horse racing strategy known as DOBing (Double or Bust). If your unfamiliar with it a quick search on Google will tell you all you need to know but in a nutshell, it is a Back 2 Lay trade that involves backing a runner at or around post time and laying it at 50% of these odds for it to be matched in-running.

By using the offset with greening by percentage feature you can deploy this strategy in Bet Angel with just a single click. To use this feature unsure you have downloaded and are using the latest version of Bet Angel ... 46&t=13532

It takes a few seconds to set the Bet Angel up to do this, first you need to enable ‘Global Settings’ by uncrossing the blue ‘cog’ icon, this brings into use all the settings located on the left side of the main banner for the trading screen your currently on.

Once enabled the next step is to select the ‘Offset bet with Greening’ option from the dropdown list at the far left of the main banner then in the two boxes on the right of this enter 50 and select % from the smaller dropdown box. If you intend to ask for a price by placing your back bet above the current trading odds make sure you tick the fill or kill bets box to ensure your offset bet is not placed until after your opening bet has been matched, if you taking the current best price on offer it does not matter if this box is ticked or not.

DOB Ladder.jpg

That’s all there is to it – this can be saved for future use if you wish, for details on how to do this see this thread viewtopic.php?f=47&t=12137

All that you need to do now is place your opening back bet on your chosen runner just before the off and the software will do the rest
*Just Remember to click ‘Keep All’ to carry the unmatched bets from pre-play to in-play*.

To help identify runners most likely to shorten in running and therefore be good candidates for this type of strategy there are several paid and free sites on the web were you can get all the information you need – one of the best and easiest sites to use is ... tings.html

If you look in the image below taken from their you can see ‘Bertimont’ has ran 14 times and has traded at 50% below its starting price in 11 of those runs – this would therefore be a potential runner to DOB


You can also see the runner ‘Bobble Emerald’ traded as low as 80% (shown as 20% on the website) of its starting price in 10 of its 18 runs so you might want to increase the offset percentage used from 50% to 80% if trading this runner and aim for a higher profit than just doubling your stake.
However you decide to approach it the offset with percentage option lets you quickly place these type of trades with just a single click.


You can also use Bet Angel's advanced automation and fully automate the process, and to make things even easier you can even download a ready-made automation file from the shared files section using the link below, all you have to do is simply select the horse/s you wish to DOB each race and the software will do the rest without you needing to be at your PC
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