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Using a combination of servants and the stored value options its possible re-order your one-click and manual bet screens any way you want, this could be very useful if your trading large markets like the outright golf markets, horse races with large fields etc, or you may just want to re-order them as a personal preference.

For example, in the image below I have put the five teams I’m most interested in at the upcoming world cup the top of the one-click screen.


To do this first you need to create a basic Servant that can store a value of an amount to a selection, then when each selection your interested in has been given a value you can sort the column order by clicking the column header – you will then have your chosen selections at the top in the order you want.

Creating the Servant to store a value is very easy, it just requires one simple rule
‘Set/Modify a Stored Value’ then on the stored value tab just give it a name (for this example I’ve called it ‘order’) and It will store the value of ‘1’. Make sure the shared box is ticked! - I finished by clicking the disc+ icon to save the file which I called 'SV1'


Then repeat that until you have created a separate file for each selection you wish to re-order, the only change to each rule should be the value, so for the next rule I have used a value of ‘2’ (and too keep things simple called this file SV2 when saving)
At the bottom of this post I have included these two files so you can see exactly what described above, you then just need to create a 3rd, 4th , 5th file etc till you have enough for what you need.

The next part is creating a custom column to show the stored values, (for full details on creating custom columns please see the thread below) otherwise, for this part, all you need to enter into the custom column editor is whats shown in the next image.


The final part now is just to start the servant on the selections you wish to reorder, just to let you know when clicking the column header to reorder it will be done by high to low or low to high with low being selections with no value. So the selection you want at the top needs to be given the highest value as shown in the image at the top of this post.

The easiest way to start the servant for this is via the control tab of the servant manager, as I want England at the top of my one-click screen I have selected the highest value I created a rule for then clicked start, in this case it will assign the value of ‘5’ from the rule to England in the custom column.


I then did the same with the next file (SV4) and selected Russia to give it the value of 4 then the SV3 file which was started on France, as im doing this you can see in the image below how the values are beginning to appear in the newly created custom column ‘my order’


Once they have all been done it's just a case of clicking the ‘My Column’ header to reorder them and there you have it, the selections you are most intrested in or want to keep an eye on at the top

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